The Boswell Family

Shaddock Custom is truly one of the best in class in custom home building. They are all wonderful people to work with, and in the end you will feel like you’ve made some great new friends along the way!

Ben and Todd are some of the most positive people you will ever work with. They are very team oriented and strive to come up with solutions when there is a calling. Carla – We were so blessed to have had her working at the trailer that late MLK evening. She was such a gem; She sat with us in every design meeting and carefully listened to all things we wanted to discuss. Ashley has been so helpful on all fronts no matter the task big or small; and her sweet spunky personality is to adore! Julie is an exceptional designer and will advocate for you every step of the way and is so fun to work with. She is definitely not just a “pillow-puffer” – She KNOWS construction like a boss! Frank is a super knowledgeable builder and is great at communicating with clients. Chris is very hands-on and has no problem filling in wherever there is a need. John has many years in construction and has lots of great “nuggets” of knowledge to share about home building. Doug is a top-notch closer. He is very attentive to all the details and makes lists on paper to ensure nothing gets missed – he is a critical piece to the puzzle. Richelle, Trisha and Linda – They are like the secret agents; you don’t see them much, but they are the glue in this operation! We are SO happy with our new home! Thank you SC – We did it!

Bunton Branch Modern Transitional

SqFt: 5,256 ac sqft
Beds: 5
Baths: 6.5+.5
Stories: 2
Garage: 3

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