The Not-So-Glamorous Entrance to Your New Custom Home

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Blog Post: March 25, 2018

When you’re planning the entrance to your Shaddock Custom custom home, you may envision a beautiful front door that leads into a warm and welcoming foyer. Maybe you see a high ceiling and large, dramatic windows. After all, the entrance is the first impression that guests have of your home and you want it to be welcoming and inviting.

There’s another entrance to your home that is a lot less dramatic—but every bit as important. Think about it for a moment: How often do you really use the front door to your home? The vast majority of the time your family members (the people who actually live in the house) make their entrance in a completely different fashion.

Let’s face it: We’re a mobile society and we drive most of the places we need to go. That means when we come home, we drive home—and we enter our homes through the garage. Often the garage leads into one of the hardest working rooms in the house: the mudroom.

Why does the mudroom work so hard? It serves multiple purposes. Kids, pets, and adults alike track outside dirt into the house. Your mudroom is your first line of defense against mud, water and anything else that can be tracked into your house.

Also, it is most important to have storage space in your mudroom for your family’s items. Having storage space—or at least coat hooks, keeps coats from being dropped all over the house. Built-in cubbies can provide a place to leave backpacks, hats, and other things that otherwise would be laying around.

If you’d like to see how a mudroom fits into the overall design of the home, take a look at the floor plan for our 1893 Quail Lane property in Richardson.

Your mudroom may not be the most glamorous room in your home, but if you design it properly, it can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your home—helping to keep it clean and uncluttered.

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